Scene One:

The ad starts by showing an old mayan city from above, as it once was - in full glory. The city is beaming with life, everybody taking care of their own chores within the community. After a few good seconds, the camera slowly closes in on a little hut, where a mayan man patiently removes the chicle to produce chewing gum.

(The word "Chichle" originated from the Mayan word, "tsicte". Chicle was well known to the Aztecs and to the Maya (Amerindians), and early European settlers prized it for its subtle flavour and high sugar content.)

Scene Two:

Dramatic music accompanies images of European settlers (Spanish Conquistadores) reaching the shores of the area where the Mayan city is located.

Scene Three:

As the Spanish soldiers invade the peaceful city, the mayans leave what they were doing, and run in despair. They get chased and most of them killed.

Scene Four:

Same image of the city from above, except this time is all in smoke and ruins. Soldiers can be seen plundering the place. Image fades completely. It's now present time (hundreds of years later), and a team of archeologists are scattered around the ruins, uncovering the places.

Scene Five:

The camera closes in on the same hut as in Scene One, where a scientist unearths the pot of chicle (chewing gum). He reaches in, grabs a little bit and puts it cautiously in his mouth. As he chews, a feeling a tremendous satisfaction can be seen on his face.

Ending Frame: