Scene One:

The ad starts by showing a deer drinking water peacefully in a quiet and beautiful meadow. A melow, relaxing song can be heard in the background. The camera closes in on the deer's head, showing her innocent eyes as she continues to quench her thirst.

Scene Two:

Suddenly, the deer gets startled, her eyes get bigger. She raises her head, trying to pick up the sounds coming from the forest. The soundtrack changes from a calm song to an intense one. She appears very frightened (leading the viewer to believe a wild animal, perhaps a wolf, is nearing). As the noises of twigs and small branches breaking under heavy steps intensify, the deer starts running into the wild.

Scene Three:

The meadow is now empty, and the camera closes in on a big bush that moves, while more twigs snap violently. (At this point, the viewer must believe a wolf would come out of that bush). Two hikers, both young males, reach out from the forest. The music changes to a glorious song (supporting their feelings of reaching the meadow after a difficult hike) . They both have smiles of satisfaction on their faces.

Ending Frame:

As the camera zooms out in the sky, further and further away from the hikers and the meadow, the viewer can now see the whole forest in its glory.

The message appears on the screen: "THE SCENT OF DANGER. HUGO BOSS".